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Holiday 2014 »

With the upcoming busy holiday season, I did not yet have any plans for it. I will make it next week since it is only the other day I thought the idea of giving my sister in law some baking materials which is her favorite. I am also buying the rest of the ingredients for the christmas eve dinner. I am hoping next week everything is already ready and the only thing I will think about it is the christmas eve dinner. I wish everyone merry holidays with your love ones and friends.

Weekend at the city »

We were at the city last weekend and we found a music shop. Hubby was looking for drum parts as I roamed the shop. I found a lot of guitars on sale. I just love to take a photo on them but the shop do not allow photo shooting inside the shop. I just viewed them and enjoy looking all the musical instruments in the shop. There were also some violins with personalized items and Beethoven’s souvenirs. I got myself a small guitar from the souvenirs items as to hubby a new book.

The holiday gift »

My colleague was on her late fall vacation and she promised me before to bring home some souviniers for my grandpa. I intended to give that this holiday and I hope he will be delighted for the addition of his collection. I am also happy that my colleague voluntarily buys that for me and I am happy to have her. I awe her a lot when she comes home. We also miss her in our work since she is the clown in the group and me as the second Lol.

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