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Weekend plan »

I chatted with my friend yesterday and we talked about some birthday gifts. She was asking my idea on an appropriate gift for their boss. Their department planned to give a present to their loving chef. I suggested one that has something to do with his interest and my friend thought of of collectible items. I think that was great anyway. We also talk about our weekend dinner with some of our friends. The plan would be a dinner in a newly open resto in town and I am excited about it.

Sundays and shopping »

I plan to go shopping this sunday with my friend to scout for some bridal shower gifts like these Personalized Boxers and hoping for a great weather too.

Whenever we go on shopping at the borders of Holland, my in-laws always asked us to brought them something sweets and coffee. I like shopping in there especially during sundays since sundays here the shops are all close. The 30km drive is worth it since we also stroll around the city and dine in our favorite holland french fries stall. Aside from that we also visit the fabric warehouse shops to save for branded items but most of the time I like shopping in my favorite discounted shops.

New trip »

Last weekend, I was very excited to ride a horse for the first time at my niece place. She has a horse barn and kids come to their place to ride or train equestrian. I was supposed to ride a horse with my niece but the weather was not good so we just postponed it. Maybe one of these days and my niece has planned to make a round along with her at the fields. I am nervous and excited. I hope the ride will be smooth and my horse will like me too. Lol

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