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Diamonds are forever »

I was in the coffee shop sipping my latté macchiato, when I saw my classmate in my language class, she was so happy to see me since we were like best friends in school, she said she’s really finding some time to talk to me since the day she came back here from New York, she said she wants to invite me personally on her wedding day on April. She told me that she’s already engaged with her long time boyfriend. She raised her right hand and I saw her diamond ring. The ring is so fabulous and real, I mean one of the real diamond. Their love story is amazing that’s why she really accept her boyfriend’s proposal because according to her God gave her the sign. I really wish her the best and she deserved to be happy.

Short trip »

I am planning for a short trip this weekend but I don’t where it is. For the meantime I just packed my bag with my things. I will still browse the net for some possible getaway and I hope I will find one. I just wanted to have a little relaxation and maybe a weekend at a spa hotel will do. I am already excited for the whole body massage with beauty treatment as well. I still have till tomorrow for the final booking.

They belong »

We attended the ten year wedding anniversary celebration of my cousin lat week. It was just only yesterday when we help them prepared their wedding. I still remember accompanying my cousin at the jewel shop to choose from the nicest engagement ring. Their engagement was also plan with our help. We really brought the two of them together during their blind date and from them on they really meant for each other.

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