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Free time »

My sister asked me if I can make her a business card the other day. I don’t have any idea about it and so I searched the net and found out a lot of website offering this. I told my sister about this and she was happy she found a great website that can make for her. I know she is busy nowadays because of their yearend reports and I am hoping she will have enough time soon to unwind and relax. She really needs to tank up more energy for her work is very hard.

Sundaes on sunday »

My nephew came to visit last weekend to asked about seagull guitar bag 29792 and I just showed him some websites in the internet where he can order it. He wanted to have it and so we ordered online. When he was about to go, my dad came and he was happy to see his favorite only grandson. My dad decided that we can go in the city at the ice cream cafe. So we ended up the afternoon with sweet overloads of ice cream.

She’s back »

Today, My sister is very busy in her work. She was at one of their branches to witness the last phase of the computerization of their accounting system. They installed some gadgets this morning and tomorrow, they will have a final testing for some normal transactions. She feels nice to be back on the field again. She is now back to where what she used to do –supervising information system installation around the company. Work in her department is more fun than doing paper work and being a secretary to a not so nice boss. LOL! Anyway, I am glad that they have hired a real secretary and they have no choice but to put her back where she belong. She was so relieved when the HR told her about it. She just love her job… again! :-)

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