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Gift for her »

My sister was happy with the gift I gave her on her birthday. I told here if she likes more I can order for her. She can use the towels on her yoga class which she started early December. She is also inviting me to join her and I am considering her invitation when I can have more time. For the moment I have a lot of schedules to do and when I am ready for it I will prepare first for my yoga class. I’m sure it will be all fun joining the yoga class.

For the holidays »

My sister is on a stressful condition these days since they are busy for their yearend report. Good thing they have great team that helps her a lot. So she had the time to prepare for the holiday. Last week, she phoned me to go on the shop now promo and so I helped her did the shopping and we had also a time to bond each other. I am proud of her new achievement in life especially her career now and I am wishing her more success in her endeavors in life.

Our beach party »

We will be having a family grill party at my in-laws next weekend in celebration of my mother in law’s birthday. We will be putting up night lights like led lights on the terrace. The sister in law also suggested putting up white sand like a beach party and we will all wear Hawaiian costumes too. This would be a fun filled party at the same time a lot of feasting and drinking too.

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