## Welcome to my 2nd Brain My name is Joe Mousey and I'm an Art Director with a decade of experience crafting creative activations that connect and engage brands with diverse audiences. This [[Digital Garden – πŸŒ±πŸŒ³πŸ‡|Digital Garden]] serves as a place for me to share not only my finished projects but also my thoughts, ideas, and discoveries. It's a platform for me to make my discoveries visible. ## Showcase - 🎱 [[Magic 8-Ball Sticker Pack|MM8B]] - Eight limited-edition magical stickers in a DIY waxwrap packaging. - [Get yours today.](https://mm8b.art/products/magic-8-ball-sticker-pack) ![[hand holding mm8b.png]] - 🌴 [[Let's Be Fronds]] - A rekindling of kindred spirits. Available on [[Let's Be Fronds – Tote|totes]] and [[Let's Be Fronds – Tee|tees]]. - [Buy Now](mousey.design/shop/lets-be-fronds) ![[103_keyAsset.jpg]] - 🐈 [[Skinnin’ Cats w- MOUSEY|Skinnin' Cats]] - A How-to series on how to start a How-to series by an average Joe. - [Watch on YouTube](youtube.com) ![[Mousey's Magic 8 Ball Sticker Pack.jpeg]] - πŸ›‚ [[Passport 2022]] - An interactive community game celebrating music and creation. - [[Passport 2022]] ![[112_thumb_43.jpg]] ## Eagle Cam ![](https://www.youtube.com/embed/B4-L2nfGcuE?si=lYbdQeBMGHKX6mAD) ## Next Steps > [!todo] Backlog > - [ ] Add contact CTA > - [ ] Publish 5+ projects > - [ ] Add recent notes section